Meet Master Stylist Wassim Kaddura

Owner and master stylist, Wassim Kaddura, is in the midst of a storied career in the salon industry. Wassim began his career as a stylist in Israel, working for his uncle's barber shop. With proven talent and success, he was recruited as a member of The Nuvo Technica Design Team, performing platform classes for basic and advanced hair cutting & coloring techniques throughout Europe. He went on to provide advanced education classes for internationally respected companies such as Focus21, Sebastian International, and Trevor Sorbie throughout Europe and the United States.

With the professional chops to rub elbows with some of the hottest hair talent worldwide and a strong educating background, Wassim opened The W Academy of Salon + Spa in 2010. The W Academy in Danville offers a premier education for local students eyeing a career in the beauty industry and provides the perfect medium for Wassim to share his decades of knowledge with the next generation of stylist.

In 2014, space became available in the W Salon's current location in San Ramon and Wassim siezed the opportunity. The W Salon by Wassim gives Wassim the opportunity to keep up with latest trends and maintain a direct, face-to-face line with you, the consumer.

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  •    Wassim is the best ! I've ventured off a few times only to return . His work is always consistent , he is very creative and will tell you if what you may want in a style won't be the best for your facial features. On time, which is unusual for a hairdresser . Salon is stylish , clean and the staff professional .
    - Denise M. • Alamo, CA

  •    I have had my hair cut by many great stylists over the years both in San Francisco and NYC. Wassim stands out as one of the best. For a man it's easy to get a descent cut at many places but if you are looking for a great cut that is detailed and consistent, I would highly recommend Wassim. His staff is also top notch, super polite and professional.
    - Adam W. • San Francisco, CA